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  • Past Client Wonderful experience here at Eckhart Orthodontics. My teeth are now perfectly straight and I am way ahead of schedule by almost a year. The service was always great and I appreciated that they not only took care of your teeth but they had a great attitude and were always helpful.

  • Past Client When i first walked in to DR.ECKHARTs office to get my braces i was thinking that it was going to hurt getting them on. I also thought it was going to take a long time to get them removed, but to my surprise it was almost pain less getting them put on and I got my braces off faster than the DR. thought they would. Throughout the whole thing there was great service.

  • Past Client My treatment with Dr. Eckhart was so much more than I had ever imagined. His staff was polite and friendly and Dr. Eckhart always made me feel like if I had any questions or concerns I could ask him at any time. I am so happy with my results and continue to refer my friends and family.

  • Past Client The people that work at Eckhart orthodontics are very gentle, nice, and welcoming. They are good at answering your questions and helping you with your needs. The wait for your braces removal is worth your wait because your teeth look perfect when you get them removed. If you ever need to get braces, or are looking for somewhere this is definitely a place to go.

  • K.K. Dr. Eckhart and his staff are great! I was a patient in my teens for braces and now at 31 for Invisalign (I stopped wearing my retainer and my teeth moved). His staff makes it easy to schedule appointments and is on call for dental emergencies. Thanks for my straight teeth!

  • Past Client I just finished my invisalign and I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. Eckhart and the staff are all very friendly and every appointment has been wonderful!! I would highly recommend this doctor to any of my friends and family members!

  • Past Client Eckhart ortho was amazing! The employees were really nice. They were very gentle when they were working in my mouth. The staff was just better then I expected. My teeth were perfectly straight and over all I was more then satisfied with my treatment. I recommend this place to everyone . all ages!

  • Past Client Hi! My experience with Dr. Eckhart has been pleasant. I had seen several other orthodontists before deciding to go with Dr. Eckhart, which from the beginning of the consultation day, seemed to be really caring about his patients. They have 2 offices, which can add convenience. The wait usually is not long if you come in on time of your scheduled appointments. About the braces and the results, I am also very happy. My treatment could finish in time as Dr. Eckhart estimated originally in 1.5 years, but since I requested to wear the braces a little longer to close up some minor gaps, the total time was almost 2 years. Now, I can't stop at checking my teeth, and I can totally see that when I talk to people, they somehow look down (or up) to my teeth, which is kinda strange, in a good way. If you think about wearing braces, you just have to do it. It's not bad at all, doesn't hurt, and before you know it, you have a beautiful smile.

  • T.J. The service was great! Everybody was so nice. My teeth were straightened twice as fast as my other friends. I really recommend this business.